The Centre for Conflict and Peace Studies (CAPS) co-organized a5-day training with Folk Bernadotte Academy (FBA) on Inclusive Peace-Making and the role of Civil Society in Peace Process from 9 – 13 February 2020.The training was led by international experts, practitioners and facilitators train Civil Society Organizations (CSO) on advocacy, strategic communication and peace negotiations. Members from Equality for Peace and Democracy (EPD), SanayeeDevelopment Organization (SDO), Artlords, Afghan Women’s Educational Center (AWEC), Afghanistan Human Rights and Democracy Organization (AHRDO), The Liaison Office (TLO), Civil Society and Human Rights Network (CSHRN) and Peace Training Research Organization (PTRO) participated in the training. During the first day of the training, a general overview on peacemaking and negotiation was provided. Speaking in the first session, CAPS Chairman Mr. Hekmat Khalil Karzai briefed the participants on the history,current status and the way forward for the Afghan peace negotiations. Later, several types of peacemaking mechanisms such as mediation, negotiation, arbitration, and litigation were discussed. During the second day, designing the peace process, what items to be included in the agenda in the negotiations table and tactics to negotiate with the other side was discussed. On day three, the training focused onthe role and importance of civil society in peace building. Later on the same day, three main types of violence were explained to the civil society through which the participating CSO members could reflect on their activities and the areas they are involved in. On day four,two sessions were about advocacy and strategic communication and its importance in any negotiations. On the final day, the participants practically played a simulation on peace negotiation. Each participant was given a role to help them understand the complexities of peace processes and advance their level of knowledge by engaging in the negotiations. Participants were provided the roles of government, civil society, oppositions and mediators among others. Most of the lectures were delivered by Keith Fitzgerald, Member of CAPS Advisory Board and Negotiation and Conflict Management Specialist, along with senior mediation experts from FBA. During the training participants were actively engaged through experience sharing, practical exercises, theoretical inputs, group discussions and reflections.Throughout the training participants were able to apply their knowledge of the training to the ongoing peacebuilding efforts in the current Afghan peace negotiations. The event successfully ended with the distribution of certificates. Finally, CSOs appreciated the efforts of trainers, facilitators and organizers requesting for more of these trainings to take place in the future.