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Afghan Leaders Call for United Position on US Peace Plan

(Afghanistan Times): Abdullah Abdullah, head of reconciliation council calls on the Afghan political leaders to adopt a single position on a peace plan recently offered by the United States that urges an interim government to replace Ghani administration. He said Sunday at the council’s meeting that people’s demand and the republic system should be clarified.

A better way forward for Afghanistan

(Arab News): Afghanistan news channel TOLOnews last week disclosed the contents of a letter that US Secretary of State Antony Blinken had written to Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. It concerned the slowness of progress in the peace process and the US’ intention to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan by May 1. This was one of

Taliban skeptical about interim Afghan govt proposal

(The International News): A Taliban spokesman has expressed scepticism over a proposal by the United States for an interim government in Afghanistan, saying transitional governments have proved ineffective and that the group’s vision for the country revolved around a strong central administration capable of enforcing their definition of an Islamic system of governance. Washington had

Leaving Afghanistan under Trump deal could spur chaos, U.S. commanders say

(Los Angeles times): Fighting in Afghanistan will intensify sharply and Taliban militants could threaten major cities unless a Biden administration diplomatic push to end the 20-year conflict yields results in the next two months, according to two senior U.S. commanders. The tight time frame is driven by a May 1 deadline to withdraw the remaining

The Republic System and its Impact on Afghans

(TOLO News): The Islamic republic system has been the longest-running political system in the country after the end of the absolute monarchy led by King Mohammad Zahir. The monarchy lasted for 40 years, and the current republic has been in place for the past two decades. The Afghan government has often emphasized the need to

3 Civilians Killed in 2 Explosions in Kabul

(TOLO News): At least three civilians were killed and 12 more were wounded in two separate explosions in Kabul that occurred in less than one hour of each other on Sunday evening. Police said the first explosion happened in the Pul-e-Sokhta area in Kabul’s District 3, hitting a passenger bus, in which one civilian was killed

Kabul explosions claim 3, wounds 12

(KHAAMA Press): t least three civilians were killed and 12 others are injured in back-to-back explosions in Kabul city. Both incidents have occurred in less than one hour of each other on Sunday evening. Kabul police confirmed to media that the first blast occurred in the PD3 Pul-e-Sokhta area of Kabul city when a passenger

Taliban face heavy retaliations in Helmand, Kandahar: Ministry of Defense

(KHAAMA Press): Afghanistan’s Ministry of Defense said in a tweet that 25 Taliban members including a commander of group’s red unit were killed in Helmand province on Saturday. MoD stated that Elham, Taliban’s red unit commander is also among the killed, further 7 Taliban affiliates are wounded in ANA’s counterattacks. The clashes between the Taliban

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