From 16th May till the 20th, Mr. Karzai visited Brussels to meet with senior EU leadership and other stakeholders. During his visit, he held separate meetings with Paola Pampaloni, Deputy Managing Director ‘Asia and Pacific Department’ at the External Action Services (EEAS) Tomas Niklasson, Special Envoy of the EU for Afghanistan, Ambassador Andreas Von Brandt and the EU Afghanistan Team, Raffaella Lodice, Head of Unit, Asia, Latin America, Caribbean, Pacific and Sarah Rinaldi, Head of Unit for the Middle East and Central Asia, Directorate General for International Partnerships. During the meetings, Mr. Karzai discussed  the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan and the work CAPS had undertaken after the collapse of the republic in Kabul. Mr. Karzai also held many other meetings including members of the Afghan women leaders’ council,  Michael Keating Head of European Institute for Peace and SIDA colleagues.