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Khalili blames Ghani for ignoring Taliban’s negotiation offer

(Afghanistan Times): Former Jihadi leader, Mohammad Karim Khalili blames President Ashraf Ghani for not considering Taliban’s messages for peace talks serious.Khalili who served as vice president under Hamid Karzai and chaired the High Peace Council in Ghani’s government, said Friday that he had letter exchanges with the Taliban when he ran the peace council.According to

Karzai evades Afghan gov’t team for talks with Taliban

(AA NEWS): Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai excused himself on Sunday from being placed in the official negotiating team for talks with the Taliban. This came hours after Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani issued a decree approving a list of 48 prominent figures for the High Council for National Reconciliation for the proposed talks with

Russia ‘questions’ Kabul’s desire for early peace settlement

(ATN NEW): Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said in a briefing this week that the delay by the Afghan authorities for completing prisoner exchange questions the Afghan authorities’ desire for early restoration of peace in the country. Zakharova urged the government to complete the exchange of prisoners and start direct dialogue with the armed

‘Flash Floods Affected Nearly 3,000 Families in Different Provinces’

(BNA): The State Ministry for Natural Disasters Management said Saturday that almost 3,000 families have been affected by recent flash floods in 14 provinces of the country. Efforts to help the families are underway, at least 1,000 families in Parwan province are in urgent need of aid, said Ahmad Tamim Azimi, spokesman for the State

Taliban Insurgents Killed in Farah Air Strike

(BNA): Five Taliban insurgents were killed in an airstrike in Farah province. The Taliban gathered in their hideout in Qala-e-Kah district last night to stage new terrorist attacks. The Zafar Corps media office in west of the country said in a statement that five Taliban insurgents were killed in the airstrike. The corps said the

Peace Not Power-Sharing Deal: Ghani

(KHAAMA PRESS): peaking to the public, Ghani said peace does not mean to share power upon a political settlement; but complying with a long-lasting dream of Afghans for peaceful society by ending the ongoing violence. “Do not be afraid of peace because peace does not mean a power sharing political deal.” Ghani consoled as local

Afghan women negotiators to face hardline Taliban in peace talks

(Digital Journal): Five Afghan women who endured the Taliban's oppressive rule and fought for fragile gains since the militants were ousted are now preparing to face the hardline group in peace talks. Their presence at the negotiating table is significant in patriarchal Afghanistan, though they will be outnumbered by the rest of the Afghan government's

Taliban Terrorists Killed in Nimroz Conflict

(BNA): Twelve Taliban terrorists were killed in a conflict by security troops in Nimroz last night. Maiwand Army Corps in south of the country said in a news release that the Taliban were targeted when they attacked military checkpoints. The corps confirms that twelve insurgents, including a local commander, were killed in the incident. According

General Miller visits flood-stricken Parwan to assess damage

(ATN News): NATO and Afghan security forces have been providing critical assistance to flood-stricken Parwan as part of their efforts to work together for the security of all Afghans.  During his visit Miller said: “Let me offer my condolences to the people of Parwan for the loss of life and loss of property and to

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