On January 18, 2020 CAPS Chairman Hekmat K. Karzai hosted German Special Representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan Ambassador Markus Potzel along with his colleagues Ambassador Peter Prugel, Nina Horre, and from Berghoff Foundation Professor Hans-Joachim Giessmann and Theresa Breitmaier.
In the meeting Iran’s position in the region, Afghan government’s status and position in the peace process and the updates on intra-Afghan Dialogue scheduled for mid-March was discussed.  The initiative on holding another intra-Afghan dialogue is mainly for the purpose of building trust between the different parties.  Mr Karzai suggested that anyone who will participate in the dialogue with the Taliban should follow up on the Doha intra-Afghan Dialogue to ensure continuity in the process.  Both sides discussed the government’s position in the peace process and suggested that the upcoming intra-Afghan dialogue should take place in transparency for both sides, Afghans and the Taliban.