On 6th April 2019, Director and members of Afghan Women’s Network (AWN) visited the Center for Conflict and Peace Studies (CAPS) and met CAPS Chairman Hekmat K. Karzai.  AWN expressed concerns on certain developments of the peace process arguing that sidelining women would put the achievements of the last  18 years at serious risk. AWN members complained that women  do not have much representation in the negotiation team and stressed that in important meetings about peace talks women are not in present.

Mr Karzai mentioned that it is an unfortunate reality that Afghan women continue to be the major victim of the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan. He said CAPS supports all peace initiative that are inclusive and it cannot be possible without or inadequate women representation.

CAPS and AWN shared the believe that with significant women participation in the Afghan delegation and that of the political elite scheduled to meet Taliban in Doha, would gain these meetings credibility in the international community and failure to do so, would cause concern for many.

CAPS agreed to support AWN by providing a platform to ensure their voices are heard in the peace process. CAPS would also advocate for women inclusion in the process and would facilitate a meeting with former Taliban members currently in Kabul and serve at CAPS Advisory Shura. Finally, CAPS Deputy Director, Hekmatullah Azamy will hold a follow meeting with AWN on how to collaborate in the short and long terms.