Feb 10, 2019
CAPS Chairman Attends Intra-Afghan Dialogue in Moscow

On the invitation of the Council of the Afghan Diaspora in Russia, Hekmat Karzai, Chairman of the Centre for Conflict and Peace Studies CAPS attended a two-day intra-afghan dialogue in Moscow on the 5th and 6th of February.  The conference was also attended by senior Afghan politicians and the Taliban, who were represented by their political office in Doha.

During the two-day conference, many ideas were discussed amongst the participants including the current situation, the presence of foreign troops, and the role of women.

While addressing the event, Mr. Karzai mentioned that, ‘this event must not be about simple formalities but about delivering results.  The Afghan people have hopes from this gathering and the participants must try to deliver.’

The participants agreed to meet as soon as possible for the next round of intra-Afghan dialogue in Doha, Qatar.

the Joint Resolution from the two-day event:

Joint Resolution of Moscow Intra-Afghan Conference on Peace
5-6 February 2019
We, the participant of the Intra-Afghan Conference on 5-6 February 2019 in Moscow gathered at the invitation of the Council of the Afghan Dispora in Russia, acknowledge the importance of this initiative in the light of the current situation in Afghanistan and the new hopes for peace; affirm this event as the biggest step taken so far in intra-afghan talks and duly extend our thanks to the organizers.
In order to realize a lasting and nationwide peace in our beloved country, Afghanistan, to fully restore national sovereignty, to pave the ground for the full withdrawal of foreign forces, to consolidate national unity, to prepare the condition for the participation of all afghan people in the political life of the country, to ensure social justice, to observe the fundamentals of Islam and our revered national values, to prevent the re-occurrence of the bitter experiences of the past few decades, and to deepen understanding, mutual respect among afghans and acceptance of the one another, after long and detailed discussions, we have come to an agreement on the following:

    1. All participating sides in the conference have full consensus that realizing lasting, nationwide and dignified  peace which is the demand of all afghan people can be achieved through an all-inclusive intra-afghan dialogue;
    2. All participating sides are in agreement that all-inclusive intra-afghan talks must continue on a regular basis in these delicate times;
    3. All participating sides strongly support the ongoing talks in Qatar; and regard intra-afghan talks to end the current imposed conflict as effective and helpful in support of the process;
    4. After the peace agreement, all participating sides stress on the necessary reforms, preserving and strengthening of foundational institutions, defense and other national institutions which belong to all afghan people;
    5. After the intra-afghan peace agreement, in order to ensure lasting and nationwide peace in Afghanistan, all participating sides regard the cooperation and support regional and other big countries as necessary;
    6. All participating sides emphasize on the following values and principles;
    7. i)    Observing the fundamentals of the holy religion of Islam in all affairs of the state

    1. ii)    The principle that Afghanistan is the common home of all afghans
    1. iii)    Preserving an Islamic, strong and all-inclusive central state on the basis of equitable participation of all ethnicities of Afghanistan.
    1. iv)    Consolidating national unity and achieving social justice
    1. v)    Impartiality of Afghanistan in regional and international disputes
    1. vi)    Adopting policies in synchrony with the standards of the modern world while preserving national religious values
    1. In regard to peace process and its pursuant necessary actions, all participating sides stress on the following:
    2. i)      Complete withdrawal of foreign forces

    1. ii)     Non-interference of foreign countries in the affairs of Afghanistan
    1. iii)    Reassuring the international community that there will be no threat to them emanating from afghan soil
    1. iv)    Ensuring the educational, political, economic and social rights of women in accordance with Islamic values
    1. v)   Observing the political rights and fundamental rights of the afghan people, and their freedom of speech in accordance with Islamic principles
    1. vi)    Efforts to secure national and international commitments to ensure lasting peace
    1. vii)   Efforts to secure international assistance for reconstruction and for realizing economic development of Afghanistan
  1. In order to build confidence, the participating sides stress on the release, at first steps, of those prisoners who are senile, terminally ill, who have completed or will soon complete their prison time. Moreover, it is regarded as necessary to remove Taliban leaders from the UN black list and officially open their political office in Qatar for the purpose of advancing the peace process.
  2. All participating sides agree to hold the next round of the intra-afghan talks in Doha, Qatar at the soonest possible. It was also agreed to discuss other pending important issues in regard to peace which could not be agreed upon this session.