On 7 May 2013, CAPS hosted Helge Luras, founder and director of the Centre for International and Strategic Analysis (SISA), and Abdul Suboh Faizy, former political advisor for NATO and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Mr Luras’s has an in-depth understanding of global and geopolitical development, international relations and Norwegian foreign and security politics, his inputs on AfPAK relations, US-Afghan relations and the prospects of BSA, regional South Asian politics, and peace talks were crucial.
Mr Hekmat Karzai discussed ways out for Afghanistan mainly focusing on Afghanistan’s geopolitical position, its blooming mining sector, and the Afghan youth as the potential factors that can ensure development and stability in the long runfor Afghanistan. Further, Afghanistan-Pakistan relations were discussed. Mr Luras, citing the work that his office is undertaking, talked about funding and speculations within Islamabad about such channels for Tahreek-I Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and other insurgent groups in Pakistan. Afghanistan and India are two countries that constantly are alleged of supporting insurgency in Pakistan. Pakistan’s lack of “strategic interest”, as Mr Karzai put it, and the logic behind its actions in Afghanistan were also discussed. Nonetheless, CAPS believes Pakistan’s strategic calculus could change if sincere dialogue is prioritized in both sides.
Lastly, over the two-hour meeting, US-Afghan relations were discussed. Mr Karzai divided the relationship into three phases. The alliance is in its third stage now, where with a successful agreement to the terms of Bi-lateral Security Agreement (BSA), the relations could continue but if a consensus is not reachedthe two countries could move in different directions. The guests also discussed the on going effort at reconciliation in Afghanistan. Mr Karzai said the address was created (the Doha office); now it is time for Afghans to monopolize the process. The Peace Process has to be Afghan-led and Afghan-owned, he said.