As part of its engagement with the civil societies, on 18th February 2019, the Centre for Conflict and Peace Studies (CAPS) hosted members of the Afghan Samoon Society. Welcoming the participants, Hekmat K. Karzai, CAPS’ Chairman shared his views about the peace process and CAPS’ contribution to the process. Since his return, Mr Karzai said, CAPS’ efforts are mainly focusing on peace. He said Afghans are paying the ultimate sacrifices and after decades of violence, they deserve to live in peace and freedom.

Speaking on behalf of Afghan Samoon Society, Abdul Qadar Matin thanked for the opportunity to visit CAPS and learn about it’s peacebuilding activities. He said Samoon Society follows the recent developments in peace talks closely and works with Afghans at the grassroots level. He said that people in rural areas have different understanding of peace process than those in the urban capitals. Mr Matin hailed CAPS’ activities and believed they play a constructive role in shaping peoples’ perceptions towards peace.

Malalai Shinwari, Senior Advisor to President Ashraf Ghani and senior member of Afghan Samoon Society said that compromise on the achievements of last 17 years are unacceptable to the people. She argued that Afghans elites should be united to support national processes and ensure that peace talks are inclusive.

Concluding the discussion, Mr Karzai said that he fully supports the idea of inclusiveness of the peace talks and it would happen only when the Afghan government becomes part of the intra-Afghan dialogue.