(BNA): The attack ended near the house of Acting Minister of National Defense in Shirpur, Kabul and ended in clashes. The bombers exploded a car bomb near house of Acting Minister of Defense and entered the houses and clashed with security forces. A spokesman for the Interior Ministry said that after the incident, members of a special police unit led by Gen. Abdul Sattar Mirzkwal, the acting interior minister, arrived at the scene and first rescued the residents, then launched an operation to eliminate the attackers and killed three attackers and ended the operation around 11pm. There were also reports that the attackers had taken dozens of locals hostage. Acting Minister of National Defense, General Bismillah Mohammadi, said in a message that he and his family were not harmed in the attack, but that some of his bodyguards had been wounded. Initial reports said that the attackers broke into the house or guesthouse of the Acting Minister of Defense in Shirpur, but Ruhollah Ahmadzai, spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, said that in this incident, the attackers could not enter the house of the acting minister, but they targeted civilian homes. So far, police have not said anything about the possible casualties to the security forces and civilians. The incident took place in Kabul after months of relative calm and once again caused concern among citizens.