(KHAAMA Press):  After the Taliban fighter entered the provincial capital of western Herat province on Friday they were repelled and the Afghan government sent reinforcement on Sunday. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense on Sunday said that 66 Taliban fighters were killed and 13 more wounded as a result of airstrikes in Enjeel district and center of Herat province. The Facebook post of the ministry further reads that a large amount of weaponry of the Taliban has also been seized during the operations. Last night, a special get-together was hosted by the Lower House Speaker Mir Rahman Rahmani which was aimed at discussing the overall security situation of Afghanistan and particularly that of Herat province. The meeting was attended by NSA Hamdullah Muhib, head of HCNR Abdullah Abdullah, former vice-president Yunus Qanuni and a number of MPs. In the meeting, Ismail Khan was offered as provincial governor of Herat province and head of the Security Council of the province. Ismail Khan, the former warlord is now fighting the Taliban in the province. Besides, some other names were also given to be appointed as commander of national police and head of the Afghan military in Herat province. Herat, bordering Iran in the west of Afghanistan has witnessed heavy conflicts in the past two months and now the Taliban is controlling all but one district of the province.