(ATN News): Abdul Rahman Rahman, Senior Deputy Minister of Interior, on Sunday arrived in Herat province with hundreds of special police forces to repel attacks and suppress the Taliban. Afghan ministry of defense says that during his visit to Herat, the Deputy Minister of Interior is scheduled to launch and lead several operations against the Taliban in the province. “We assure all the people of Herat that we will act decisively in clearing the criminals who have disturbed the peace of the people of Herat,” Rahman said in a message. Rahman said he would meet with locals and security officials, including the public uprising forces, to resolve the series of problems that have arisen in the province. The comments come after an emergency meeting was held on Saturday night at the house of parliament speaker Mir Rahman Rahmani to review the ongoing security situation, especially in Herat province. Habibul Rahman Pedram, an MP and a participant in the meeting, said a number of participants recommended that Jihadi leader Amir Ismail Khan be appointed governor and chairman of the military council and establish a management unit under his command, with Gulbuddin Alokozai as commander of the Army Corps, Seyed Nasir Alavi as security director and Shir Agha Alokozai as the provincial police chief. “Participants also asked for equipment and funding for the popular mobilization front with more ammunition to eliminate the shortcomings of the security forces as soon as possible. Increase in air operations and equip Herat Air Force with more aircraft including A29s, MD 530s and Black Hawks,” Pedram wrote on his Facebook page. At the meeting were Mir Rahman Rahmani, parliament speaker, Abdullah Abdullah, Chairman of the High Reconciliation Council, Hamdullah Mohib, National Security Advisor to the President, Mohammad Younes Qanuni, former Vice President Khalid Noor, peace negotiation team members and a number of elders and members of parliament. Earlier provincial and military officials said that the Taliban’s plan to attack Herat province failed. The Taliban on Friday launched attacks on Guzara district and tried to enter Herat city from the east and west of Guzara district, local officials said. According to the officials the Taliban suffered heavy casualties as a result of fighting and airstrikes. About 200 Taliban were killed and wounded, the governor’s media office said. Taliban acknowledged they carried out attacks and said the Afghan security forces sustained heavy casualties.