(KHAAMA Press): NATO in Afghanistan and British Embassy based in Kabul have reacted to the attack on the United Nations facility in western Herat province on Friday. British Embassy in a Twitter post said that the attack by the Taliban is a violation of International law.  NATO in Afghanistan has said that United Nation Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) are performing essential work to support Afghan population and should not be subject to attacks of this type. The White House statement also condemned the attack and called on warring sides in Afghanistan to reduce violence and asked regional actors to encourage Afghan sides to return to negotiations and reach a deal on lasting peace in the country. The United Nations compound was attacked by gunmen whom the UNAMA called anti-government elements. The rocket shell, gunfire, and grenade on the facility though did not harm any of the staff members of UNAMA, killed one Afghan police member-manning the door- and injured several more. The British embassy in their Twitter post has blamed the Taliban for the attack and demanded them to be brought to justice. The Taliban have denied the attack on UN compound and said that the guard could have been killed in gunfight between the fighters and ANDSF due to the compound’s proximity to the battlefield. The western Herat province bordering Iran witnessed heavy clashes between the Afghan government forces and the Taliban inside the city on Friday. The US army airstrikes have too hit some positions of the Taliban in the province in support of ANDSF.