(KHAAMA Press): Afghan National Defense and Security Forces have pushed back mass attacks on the capital cities of Herat, Helmand, Takhar, and Kandahar provinces on Friday. Friday was one of the busiest and bloodiest days for ANDSF and the Taliban in the past month. The Taliban fighters on Friday entered the western city of Herat province and launched attacks on Afghan government forces’ outposts inside the city. They had besieged the airport and a guard-Afghan police member- of UN’s compound in the city was killed. Afghanistan Interior Ministry said that the ANDSF launched operations during which the attacks were pushed back and the district of Guzara was taken back from the Taliban. US army airstrikes are too reported to be conducted in support of Afghan government forces in western Herat province bordering Iran. The Taliban have also launched an attack on the center of Helmand province-Lashkargah- but local officials have assured the people of pushing back the attacks by the Taliban. On the other hand, Kandahar city also witnessed heave conflicts between the ANDSF and the Taliban as the province’s majority districts are under the control of the Taliban. Taloqan city, the provincial capital of Takhar province was too a battlefield between the warring sides and the Afghan defense ministry claimed to have inflicted heavy casualties to the Taliban fighters as the former driven the latter from the city. Ministry of Defense has said that five districts of the Nijrab district of Kapisa province were also cleared of the Taliban and claims to have killed 24 Taliban fighters and wounded 14 more.