(Afghanistan Times): A former Jihadi leader, Mohammad Ismail Khan vows of mobilizing thousands of armed forces to fight the Taliban in western Herat province as the insurgents have recently made rapid territorial gains across the country. Khan officially declared the People’s Resistance Movement of western Afghanistan in consultative meeting at his residence in Herat province on Friday. Khan added that most of the districts centers have fallen to Taliban due to the government’s negligence and stressed that his forces would fight on the frontline, hilling out assurance over bringing positive changes in the security situation in the province. Khan assured the people of Herat that the province will not collapse as thousands of people partake in the fight against Taliban. Khan said that he would organize the public mobilization in other western provinces of the country to turn the tide against the Taliban advance. Earlier, Khan warned that fighting would reach the Herat gate if government remained inattentive. This comes as thousand people have taken weapons against Taliban in the north after the consecutive falls of several districts centers in many western and northern provinces.