(TOLO News): Figures by the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) reveal that 39 civilians were killed in violence and 40 more were wounded from April 10 to April 18. The incidents occurred between Sunday evening and Monday morning. One of the incidents was a Taliban attack on a security forces outpost in Baghlan-e-Markazi district in Baghlan province. Two policemen were killed and six more were wounded in the clashes that continued until Monday morning, according to the provincial police. In Ghazni, meanwhile, two security force members were killed and five more were wounded in a clash on the outskirts of the city of Ghazni on Sunday evening.  “The Arzo village witnesses clashes every night. I hope that further bloodshed stops in Ghazni and in the country to respect the Ramadan month,” said Khaliqdad Akbari, a member of the provincial council in Ghazni. The security incidents happened in Baghlan, Ghazni, Kunduz, Balkh, Parwan, Ghor and Nangarhar.

Security incidents:

Taliban attack in Baghlan: two policemen killed, six wounded

Taliban attack in Kunduz: one army member killed

Taliban attack in Ghazni: one civilian, one security force member killed, five more wounded

Targeted attack in Balkh: army officer killed

Taliban attack in Parwan: two policemen wounded

Blast in Nangarhar: two wounded

Targeted attack in Nangarhar: NDS member killed

Blast in Nangarhar: three army members wounded

Taliban ambush in Ghor: two public uprising forces killed

“The two sides of the war should not allow the further bloodshed of the Afghan people,” said Zabihullah Farhang, spokesman for the human rights commission. The Defense Ministry said that the increase in Taliban attacks in some parts of the country is due to the start of their so-called spring offensive. The Taliban has not spoken about such a plan so far. “The continuation of violence by the Taliban has caused many more casualties than in previous years at this time,” said Defense Ministry spokesman Rohullah Ahmadzai.