(KHAAMA Press): Afghan parliament members on Monday called on the United Nations to pressurize the Taliban, so the group agrees to attend the Turkey summit aimed at ending violence in Afghanistan. In a released statement the committee of human rights and women’s rights of the parliament urged the Taliban to respect human and women’s rights and allow girls to in areas under the Taliban control to gain education if they want to be trusted by the people. Mir Rahman Rahmani, Parliament speaker called on the regional nations and United Nations to motivate the Taliban to attend the Turkey summit. This comes as Pakistan on Monday called on the Taliban to stay engaged in the Afghan peace process, “They take their own decisions but we will do whatever we can to convince them that it is in their national interest to remain engaged,” Pakistan’s Foreign Minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi said in an interview with Reuters. Taliban ensuing refusal announcements got the peace process into disarray with the scheduled summit in Turkey, a conference that blossoms more hopes for a political settlement in Afghanistan. He asked the Taliban to show flexibility towards the withdrawal process and suggested showing patience and perseverance. “The troops will be out and a date has been given and the process starts on the 1st of May and goes on until the 11th of September so there is a definite time frame,” Qureshi told Reuters. He also expressed that if the peace process deadlock is not broken, Afghanistan may plunge into civil war, which will lead to the exodus (mass immigration) of the Afghans.