(Afghanistan Times): A parliament commission of human rights called on the Taliban to bring changes in their policy towards women and human rights to earn people’s trust whether the group has changed its mindset regarding women. The commission of women rights, human rights and civilian rights of the parliament led by lawmaker Naheed Farid released a joint statement on Monday. The statement was read by lawmaker Farid as saying that the Taliban should initially allow opening girl schools in the areas under their control. According to Farid, women should be meaningfully and inclusively included in the peace process to meet their wishes and defend their rights.  “The world should stick by the Afghan women in such a historic and sensitive situation,” she added. She called on the United Nation to support Afghanistan in countering the terrorism and as well as defend the democratic values of human and women rights in the peace process. “The Taliban are part of a reality in Afghanistan but do not represent the absolute picture from all aspects of the Afghan nation,” she added. The U.S unconditional withdrawal, Nahid said, “is a privilege offered by the U.S to the Taliban”. The human rights and women rights defenders have been expressing concerns on violation of achievements gained during the last two decades after the U.S. President Joe Biden announced that the American service members would leave Afghanistan by September 11, without considering any condition.