(KHAAMA Press): Afghan Army’s 217th Pamir Corps said Tuesday, that Afghan commandos in a special operation have rescued and freed 42 security force members and civilian prisoners from clutches of Baghlan province. According to the statement, 25 Afghan commandos and 17 civilians were released from Taliban prison during the operation. On Monday night, six ANA soldiers, 19 policemen, and 17 civilians were freed from the Taliban prison in a special operation in the Nawrozak area located in the city of Baghlan province, the statement read. The prison was completely destroyed by the Afghan special forces unit of commandos, the statement added. This is the second time Afghan national defense and security forces destroy Taliban prisons in Baghlan and rescue the detained individuals. Previously, MoD stated that the Afghan special forces have rescued a number of military and civilians held captive by the Taliban in Logar province. MoD stated Army’s SF unit released seven military and 15 civilian prisoners from a Taliban prison in the Charkh district of Logar province. During the operation, the Commando members discovered and confiscated weapons and heavy rounds of ammunition.