(KHAAMA Press): DOHA, Qatar – The Afghan and Taliban negotiating teams have agreed on the procedural rules after months of struggle, said Mohammad Naeem Wardar, a spokesman for Taliban’s political office in Qatar, Saturday evening.
This came days after an exclusive interview with Khaam Press Wardak said the Afghan and Taliban negotiating teams met on peace dialogues but had not yet reached to any agreement, denying reports that Doha talks have agreed on procedural rules. While reports on such a breakthrough has been circulating around for weeks now, the spokesman confirmed on Saturday that both side of the negotiations “finalized” an agreement in 21 articles on November 15; but did not make any formal announcement prior to this report. “…negotiations between the negotiating teams was completed and finalised in 21 articles on the 15th of November 2020,” he said in a tweet. “The mentioned procedure was interpreted in the existence of the host/facilitator country on 17th November 2020.”
Wardar also said a copy of the agreement “was handed over to the host/facilitator country” soon after both side of the negotiation agreed on terms and condition that can potentially lead to the main talks – the intra-Afghan negotiations on peace in Afghanistan. The intra-Afghan talks launched on September 12, 2020; since then the negotiations were halted due to disagreement on the ground rules for the talks.