(TOLO News): A brother and a sister, Mashal and Shaqayiq, were among the eight civilians killed in rocket attacks in Kabul on Saturday morning. The attack shocked the entire city. 
The rocket attacks happened one hour after two explosions in the city. The rockets landed in various parts from downtown Kabul to the north of the city. Over 30 others were wounded, according to Interior Affairs Ministry.   The rockets landed in Wazir Akbar Khan and Shahr-e-Naw areas in downtown Kabul, Chahar Qala, the Traffic Roundabout, the Gul-e-Surkh Roundabout in PD4, Sedarat Roundabout, the Spinzar Road in the center of the city, near the National Archive road in PD2, and in Lysee Maryam market and Panjsad Family areas in the north of Kabul, according to the ministry.  Shaqayiq and Mashal were eating breakfast with their mother when a rocket landed on their house. The brother and the sister were killed and their mother was wounded in the attack.  The rockets were fired from Tahye Maskan area in the north of Kabul.  Members of the family said the government has failed to ensure the safety of people.  “This is not an outpost or the house of a general or a lawmaker, but they attacked the house of an innocent and took their lives,” said Hayatullah, a relative of the victims.  Mashal recently returned from Turkey and was expected to celebrate his engagement. His sister, Shaqayeq, was married and was preparing to go to Canada in near future.  “Those who are sitting in higher positions are further promoted, but this is the condition of the poor,” said Safiullah, a relative of the victims.  Kabul residents criticized the government for failing to prevent such attacks. A similar attack happened last year during President Ashraf Ghani’s inauguration. “Ashraf Ghani says that he is at the service of the people, but he never addressed the people’s problems,” said Abdul Wakil, a Kabul resident.  “There is widespread corruption in security and intelligence agencies. The enemies exploit these gaps and disrupt peace in Kabul,” said Assadullah Nadim, a military analyst.