(KHAAMA Press): People’s Peace Movement (PPM) will March Kabul on Wednesday to protest the recent attack carried on Kabul University, and will camp out near the United States Embassy in Kabul until warring sides declare a comprehensive ceasefire, according to a statement. The movement is composed of various tribes in Helmand province that together voice out for ongoing security threats throughout Afghanistan. On Wednesday, some 300 people in at least 70 vehicles will March, leaving Helmand province in south Afghanistan, to Afghan capital Kabul, in a protest over ongoing violence in the country – mainly the recent attack that killed 20 and wounded dozens on Kabul University, according to a statement. The group will put up at least 30 tents near the US Embassy in Kabul, calling for immediate ceasefire between warring parties amid halted peace talks between the Afghan government and Taliban in Qatari capital Doha. Meanwhile, the movement requested Afghan government to secure their safety during the protest and provide them with basic needs such as water and sanitation at the location. The group, People’s Peace Movement, was formed to protest violent attacks after a car bomb exploded at a sport stadium in southern Helmand province in 2018, killing 17 civilians and wounding 50 others.