(TOLO News): At least three people were killed and 33 others were wounded on Tuesday morning in attack on a police special unit center in eastern Khost province, said local health officials.  
Ambulances transported victims of today’s attack to medical centers. The incident occurred around 6am local time after a car bomb detonated close to the wall of the police special forces center, said Taleb Mangal, a spokesman for the provincial governor.   Also, Daoud Tarakhel, provincial police chief, confirmed that a group of attackers entered the center and are clashing with security forces.   “The security forces destroyed another car bomb before it reached its target,” said Tarakhel, adding that “several security forces have been wounded in the attack.”   Attackers have been confined to one building, and other parts of the police special unit area have been cleared of insurgents, he added.  At least 4 attackers have been killed in clashes with security forces in Khost, said Tariq Arian, MoI spokesman, adding that efforts are ongoing to clear remaining attackers.    No group including the Taliban has yet claimed responsibility for the attack.