(BNA): Chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the National Security Council meeting was held yesterday at Presidential Palace. In the meeting, National Security Advisor Dr. Hamdullah Muhib first briefed related to programs of the country’s defense and security organs. The meeting also discussed related to security programs of government’s leadership security meeting held in Bamyan recently. Afterwards, head of secretariat of the council Gen. Abdul Muqim Abdul Rahimzai delivered the meeting decisions and executions of the council’s previous meetings. Acting ministers of defense and interior and deputy minister of security for the interior ministry briefed future plan of the country’s defense and security forces. Briefing the country’s covenant security program plan, officials of the interior ministry said the plan was being implemented in six provinces of the country. In the meeting, President Ghani by pointing to security of big cities and highways and good governance issued necessary instructions to relevant organs. The country’s President asserted that it was necessary the country’s defense and security forces should provide security to the people and protect their lives and property. It was also recalled in the meeting that intra-Afghan talks have started between Afghanistan government and Taliban in Qatar, which has increased hopes among the people for peace in the country, but unfortunately Taliban have increased violence, which was not acceptable. Praising leadership of the country’s defense and security organs, President Ghani said the country’s defense and security forces by having regular and organized programs were fully prepared for their historic role in connection with peace. The country’s President stressed on further attention to strengthening of the country’s air force, ordering for addressing all threats in areas where threats were in high level.