(ATN News): NATO and Afghan security forces have been providing critical assistance to flood-stricken Parwan as part of their efforts to work together for the security of all Afghans.  During his visit Miller said: “Let me offer my condolences to the people of Parwan for the loss of life and loss of property and to all the families that are affected.”  In a statement issued by NATO late Friday, the organization said Afghan National Security and Defense Forces and the NATO Resolute Support Mission are providing aid and assistance to help families recover.  “Afghan forces are leading recovery efforts, search and rescue and clearing debris” read the statement.  In addition, NATO has so far donated thousands of meals, bottles of water and personal hygiene kits and blankets which were flown in on Coalition aircraft to help victims. Miller visited the province with acting Minister of Defense Asadullah Khalid and Independent Directorate of Local Governance Director Samim Katawazia to assess the damage and reassure local leaders they would receive the support they needed during the crisis. “Let me also offer my thanks to the people of Parwan for your leadership and the security forces that are stepping forward to try to alleviate the suffering of the people,” Miller said.  “They are your sons and daughters. I would ask all of you to be very vocal about your support. You have every right to be proud of them.”  Miller also recognized the sacrifices Afghan forces bear as they work to secure peace in the country despite ongoing high levels of Taliban violence.  “I always tell the Taliban, I tell the world, that the violence needs to come down,” he said.  “That is very important for the people of Afghanistan.” The Resolute Support commander reiterated that NATO continues to stand behind and support the Afghan people, noting his long-standing relationships with Khalid and Katawazia as a long-standing example of the tight relationships that have been built over the last two decades.  “We have been through some good times and we have been through some hard times, but we always stay together. And I think that is important. Again thank you for your leadership,” Miller said.