(Afghanistan Times):  The Taliban fighters have set a girl school on fire in northern Takhar province. School Principal Nassima said that a classroom had been destroyed in the incident and there were no causalities. She said the Taliban fighters had earlier warned the instructors and students to stop going to school. Povincial Police Spokesman Khalil Assir has also confirmed the incident. The Taliban have so far not said anything in regards, but such incidents have often been asserted by the Taliban, who have been opposing the Afghan government and current governmental system in Afghanistan.   About two weeks before, the US and Taliban have signed a peace deal, aiming to end longest Afghan war. The militant group has back in 1990s ruled Afghanistan under a sever violent regime, where the freedom of speech and women’s rights had been completed restricted, as women were not allowed to go to school, work and play any role the country’s fate. Now that the US had forged a deal with the group’s political officials in Qatar, there are high concerns about the repeat of that regime again in Afghanistan, as the Taliban are still seemed reluctant regarding women rights and freedom of speech.