(The Kabul Times): The peace agreement which was signed on Saturday between the US and Taliban in Qatar, contains hidden annexes in which knowhow of implementation of both sides agreements have been explained. Although the Afghan government has requested details of the agreement from the US, but the annexes of the agreement have so far not been shared with the government. A reliable government source who was reluctant to be identified said that whereas the implementation area of the US-Taliban agreement would be territory of Afghanistan, it was needed that the full details of the agreement would have been shared with the senior authorities of the Afghan administration. The source adds that the annexes of US-Taliban peace agreement have been kept secret and its details have not been shared with the Afghan government. Despite of repeated requests of the Afghan government, the US and the Taliban have not been ready to share them even with president Ghani. The source went on to say that not sharing of the US-Taliban agreement details could create doubts and suspicions of the Afghan people and government to the deal between the two sides. In a debate with RTV on Monday, the Afghan National Security Adivisor Hamdullah Muhib said that there are concerns on the contents the US-Taliban peace agreement. Although NSA Mohib didn’t explain the concerns but called Taliban as a factor of creating of these concerns and asked them to share full details of their agreement with Americans with the Afghan government. Mohib added that exploiting Pakistani resources, Taliban arrived in Doha started their talks with Americans. Taliban should explain the people that in lieu of these Pakistani resources, what commitments did they give to that country. In a TV interview with CBS network the US secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the peace agreement with Taliban has two executive elements which are part of military classifications and are important for protection of US forces and these documents will be given to US congressmen. Mohib added, one of the reasons for not unveiling of the annexes of the agreement could be change of Taliban position. Prior to this, Taliban had called their war with ANDSF and foreign forces as Jihad, but in their deal with the US, Taliban have acknowledge that this war was not a jihad but a violence. Not sharing of the US-Taliban peace agreement details, has created difference of opinion between the Afghan government and the Taliban. Based on the agreement, the USA has pledged to withdraw her forces from Afghanistan on the condition that Taliban would cut their ties with all terrorist groups including Al-qaeda and don’t allow the Afghan soil to be militarily used against the US and her allies. Taliban have committed to start direct talks with representatives of the Afghan government to reach a permanent ceasefire and peace. Intra-Afghan dialogues are due to take place on March 10th in Norway. Based on the text and secret details of US-Taliban agreement, Taliban have said that release of about 5000 Taliban prisoners from Afghanistan jails is a precondition for start of intra-Afghan dialogue. Based on Kabul-Washington joint statement, the Afghan government says that the US is only a facilitator of both sides prisoners release. President Ghani said that based on US-Taliban agreement, release of Taliban prisoners is not a precondition for start of intra-Afghan dialogue. Calling the release of Taliban prisoners connected to collective decision of the Afghan people, president Ghani said the Afghan government has no commitment for release of Taliban prisoners. Taliban said that the US is expected to release these prisoners from Afghanistan jails. Reduced-violence is another case that has been explained differently by the Afghan government and Taliban. In a joint statement with the US  secretary of state and NATO, SG Yens Stoltenberg in Kabul, the president said the period of reduced-violences will continue until it results in a permanent nationwide ceasefire. Rejecting president Ghani’s utterances, the Taliban said that the reduced-violences period has ended and they would start their attacks and offensives against ANDSF.