(Afghanistan Times): The Taliban group – with whom the US has been engaged to reach a political settlement and end the Afghan conflict – in a statement have opposed the final results of the Afghanistan presidential polls, saying “it is in conflict with the contents of ongoing peace process.” The Taliban has expressed its concern over the election at time when Washington has come near to signing a peace deal, aiming to end its longest war and ensure a sustainable peace in the war weary country. “As the Islamic Emirate has rejected the fake and staged elections drama under the shadow of occupation in its entirety, it similarly rejects this meaningless appointment and considers it a failed effort at throwing dust in the eyes of the nation,” Taliban said in a statement. “Just as announcing Ashraf Ghani a president under the cover of fake elections is unlawful and has no legal basis, it is also in conflict with the contents of the ongoing peace process while keeping in mind the current sensitive circumstances of the Afghan issue,” the statement added. There are high concerns about the possible damages to the peace process as the Taliban has declared their opposition against Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. The Independent Election Commission after almost five months, on Tuesday, has announced Ashraf Ghani as the winner of the September 28th election. Ghani’ s rival, chief executive Abdullah Abdullah in a press conference not only denied the election results,  but said he will form his own government.