(TOLO news): Ghani said that drugs are playing a key role in financing terrorism and that the international community must take responsibility in combating drug production in Afghanistan. He said that the war in Afghanistan today is not a civil war. “The war in Afghanistan is not a civil war, but a multi-dimensional conflict,” he said. The Afghan president said that the concern that the Taliban could be using a peace process as a “Trojan horse strategy” is there, but you can’t end this war without engaging in a process and testing them. President Ghani meanwhile challenged the Taliban for an election. “If the Taliban had support, why they would be they be so afraid of elections. Well, I challenge them. Put your best candidates in Helmand and see whether you win. Come to Paktia, come to Kandahar, come to any city in the north, particularly, run for office in Kabul. If people elect you dogcatcher then I will say you really have a power base. Guns are not the base of power,” he said.