(ATN News): Ghani said that just two days ago the Taliban had told their allies that they had decided the west, will do the same to the government and will eventually, conquer Afghanistan by force. The president added that Amrullah Salih defined the behavior of the Taliban based on a strategy…, but “We have to negotiate with the Taliban” to find out what’s going on. In the meantime, breaking up the Taliban with al-Qaeda and other insurgent groups is another strategic demand of the US and the Afghan government. Also, according to President Ghani, Pakistan has not contributed any good to the peace process yet. He says Pakistan can play a key role in Afghanistan’s stability, and so do other neighboring countries. Therefore, there has to be a regional consensus leading to official guarantees to put an end to the war for real. Mr. President also speaks of being ready for the reduction of foreign forces in Afghanistan, but says “it should be conditional”. He has said that Afghanistan was already ready to see the decrease in the number of foreign forces up to 8600, for two reasons: firstly, 94% of military operations have been conducted by the Afghan forces and there’s a good coordination among the armed forces; secondly, our commandos have been increased by 2 and the air force by 3. Nonetheless, Ghani underlines that the presence of the foreign forces in Afghanistan in the future is subjected to its conditions. Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary-General of NATO, also stressed in the MSC that their presence in Afghanistan was to make sure that the country never again turns into a safe haven for terrorism. He says that they are trying to responsibly withdraw from Afghanistan warning the Taliban to join the negotiations and reduce violence because they can never win through war. In addition, President Ghani has stated that the Taliban were not eligible of going through democratic programs such as elections – he says if the Taliban have fate in themselves, they could participate in elections and see for themselves how many people would stand by their side.