(Afghanistan Times): The Security and Stability Council of Afghanistan has urged a peace agenda which includes the views of  government’s political opponents, people’ representatives and several other facets. Spokesman for the council, Masoud Tarashtwal said, “The conduct of peace talks in a dispersed platform is not in Afghanistan’s interests but it gives privilege to the enemies.” Tarashtwal has called on the Taliban not to oppose government’s inclusion in the peace talks which have been already held for about 10th rounds in the Gulf State of Qatar, Doha. This comes as a number of government’s political opponents, including chief executive Abdullah Abdullah- who accused the government of being reluctant towards peace process, have formed a peace plan, aiming to end the unstoppable Afghan war. The US special envoy for Afghanistan reconciliation, Zalmay Khalilzad has expressed frustration over sans of a comprehensive delegation to continue the peace talks with the militants. The Afghan government insists on a ceasefire agreement with the Taliban prior to any peace deal between US and Taliban. But the Taliban have presented the Kabul administration with an offer of a short time violence’ reduction. Earlier, the Presidential Palace in a statement has said that there has been no progress in the peace process.