(Afghanistan Times): A hectic effort spearheaded by the United States negotiating a settlement with the Taliban won’t stop the militants’ hostilities in Afghanistan even if a peace deal is brokered and that they would never halt their attacks on Afghan people, said ex-spymaster and the incumbent president Ghani’s running mate, Amrullah Saleh. Qatar talks may end hostilities between the Taliban and America, “but they are unlikely to end Taliban’s war on the Afghan nation, said Saleh, former National Directorate of Security head, speaking at the Institute of War and Peace Studies (IWPS) conference. A number of political experts and military analysts expressed their views on hurdles to the Afghan peace process and suggested ways of reining in the ongoing violence. Saleh branded the as the killers of Afghanistan’s political leaders, including former presidents Burhanuddin Rabbani, Dr. Najibullah and Mujahideen leaders Abdul Haq, Ali Mazari and Mustafa Kazemi. He went on to blame the insurgent movement for assassinating Ahmad Shah Massoud and a number of influential tribal elders. Mutasim Agha Jan, finance minister in the Taliban regime, saw a potential chance for restoring peace to the country and urged the Afghans to work together for stabilizing their homeland.