(BNA): Continuing the national debate program, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met with residents of PD 4, 10, 11, 15 and 17 of Kabul city here at Salaam Khana palace yesterday, a statement said. Representing others, Haji Feda Mohammad, Mohammad Nurani, Diana Habib, Mohammad Azim and Haji Zulmai Latifi spoke related to their problems, thanking the president for construction of Salma dam and implementation of other development projects, the statement from the presidential press office said. The participants enumerated a number of their problems and suggestions, including lack of security, kidnapping, murder, electricity, attention to Ulema and masjids, continued Police patrol, land grabbing, increasing addiction, canalization, improving education and scholarships to youth and applauded works of Kabul municipality, education department and Police and emphasized for continued efforts. They also welcomed Independent Reform and Civil Service Commission’s works for transparent recruitment of the civil servants as well as thanked president’s attention towards women as well as inauguration of Republic road in Kabul, the statement added. Hearing Kabul residents’ demands and suggestions, President Ghani said there were no solutions to problems sans open and national debates and specifying of the challenges, the statement quoted. “A system is made by people and if people are no longer satisfied with the system, then it will lose its legitimacy and effectiveness. We must be committed to address the problems,” the president said, adding that would share his plan for Kabul city during a big gathering in Loya Jirga hall. The president went on saying that Kabul residents were not happy from Police and it was needed to take necessary measures to address the issue, adding security plan for the city should be shared with the residents. Hinting to land-grabbling, the president said that urgent steps would be taken against them, warning land grabbers and power individuals to leave the areas or would be severely punished, the statement added. The president also instructed Kabul Municipality to establish a Kabul Women Network and allocated front seats of the vehicle for women, asking people to respect them. Concluding his remarks, the president asked the residents to openly share their problems and take part in management of the city. “Kabul needed to be changed into a safe and proud city,” the president said.