(ATN News): Recently, disagreements between the two leaders of the National Unity Government of Afghanistan have been evolving. Last week Ashraf Ghani assigned the State Ministry of Peace to proceed with the Peace Talks with the Taliban. The decision was not welcomed by Abdullah Abdullah. Abdullah says, “Afghan people have the absolute right to participate, negotiate, and take stand in the Peace Talks. The negotiating envoy should be multilateral, including the government and people – no ministry can singlehandedly advance the peace process.” This comes as the politicians believe that the disagreements between the two power poles of Afghanistan can drag the peace process into chaos. On the other hand, the Taliban also haven’t agreed on the government’s ceasefire demand. Ashraf Ghani’s condition for the peace talks is a ceasefire, while Abdullah insists on agreeing with ‘violence reduction’ which the USA and the Taliban both have agreed on. Many believe that Afghanistan is in a very critical moment that every political disagreement, verbal tension, and serious encounter can put the peace process into a difficult position. The Taliban can benefit from the tensions between Ghani and Abdullah. The peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban are reportedly going to start two weeks after the peace agreement is signed in Qatar. The Presidential Palace says that the government peace envoy is ready, however, the chief executive’s office rejects the statement saying that “there is no envoy.” In the meantime, Abdullah Abdullah complained about the latest employments made by Ashraf Ghani and called them “one-sided” adding that he didn’t react because he wanted to preserve the political stability. He further added in the cabinet conference that the National Unity Government of Afghanistan will continue till the final results of the election are announced saying that the government will be valid based on the “agreement signed five years ago”. Meanwhile, the MPs also seem fed up with the ongoing tensions. They say that the final results should be announced as soon as possible to put an end the tensions. The recent disagreements between Ghani and Abdullah seem to be serious and not so easy to settle. Now, the real question is, “What is the main factor behind all the differences?” Politicians’ answer, “Power”.