(Afghanistan Times): In reaction to recent statements of the state ministry for peace about ceasefire and violence reduction, the incumbent chief executive Dr. Abdullah said Monday that peace can never be monopolized by a single agency. Abdullah who was addressing a meeting of Council of Ministers said that the government of Afghanistan supports the peace process, but it doesn’t mean it should be under the aegis of an individual or a ministry – rather “a collective demand of an entire society”. “Only the nation has the right to decide the fate of peace. And the negotiating team that will engage in talks with the Taliban should be all-inclusive; a single ministry cannot steer peace process in scale of a country,” he said. He ranted at recent remarks made by the ministry last week that the President had issued a decree to form “senior committee for coordination of peace efforts” in bid to streamline the efforts. An official in the state ministry for peace, Najia Anwari, said earlier that Abdul Salam will be undertaking leadership of the President’s committee and will be working to coordinate peace efforts with relevant government institutions.