(TOLO NEWS): One member of the family, Mohammad Naeem Jabbar, who has come to Kabul for seeking justice, said on Saturday that his brother was killed in front of his daughter by the NDS forces.  He said the incident happened on November 1. “We are the citizens of this country and we are pro-government. Why are we oppressed? For what sin? Article Eight of the Constitution says that any operation should have the Supreme Court’s order,” said Jabbar. Timor Shah Jabbar, another brother of Pashtun Jabbar, said his brother, who was killed in the operation, was working in a government-owned Salaam telecom company in Kandahar. Pashtun Jabbar’s family members said they attempted many protests over the NDS raid but their voice was not heard by some local officials. “So far, we have not been asked that why we have launched the protest,” Timor Shah said. “Our family member has been killed. We have been oppressed,” said Nematullah Jabbar, Pashtun Jabbar’s cousin. Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission said the raid by the NDS is not justifiable. “The human rights commission is deeply concerned about the acts by the 01, 02 and 03 units (of the NDS) that, unfortunately, are causing civilian deaths,” deputy head of the commission, Naeem Nazari, said. The NDS office in Kandahar and other provincial officials did not comment on the operation but the journalists’ safety committee in the province said that local reporters were pushed for self-censorship when they attempted to cover a protest over the raid. “The government should not create an environment for self-censorship,” said Najib Sharifi, head of the journalists’ safety committee. This comes after a similar raid by the NDS in the north of Kabul last week in which a former Mujahedeen leader was killed. The operation was faced with harsh criticism by Afghan politicians and critics.