(Afghanistan Times): Parliament is ratcheting up pressure on the government to desist from any reshuffle of high-ranking officials until presidential election results are announced. The Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament, Mir Rahman Rahmani, said on Saturday bad appointments and reshuffles in government’s high-ranking positions are taking place under the excuse of ‘reforms’ and “that is not acceptable for us”. Rahmani argued that some government officials with years of experience are being sacked with intent, leaving a bureaucratic void. This comes amid reports suggesting a mass sacking of employees in the foreign ministry by the acting minister who claims the removals were intended to bring an equilibrium of ethnicity in ministry ranks. A member of the parliament, however, argued that some high-ranking bureaucrats are orchestrating an ethnic cleansing in the government offices and employ their own people. MP Mohamadi said new employments are erratic and unwise. “Officers with years of experience and some with doctorates’ degrees are being replaced by semi-literate and counter-productive people,” he said. “This is a domineering act of oppression on government agencies and the House should help in halting it,” he said.