(ATN News): Sources close to Taliban have stated that the political office of the Taliban is willing to share their decision on how to reduce the level of violence in Afghanistan. The US-Taliban peace talks were aborted due to an attack on Bagram Airbase. However, the talks have been given another chance in Qatar to finalize the process. The focus of the talks are to identify the position of the Taliban regarding the ceasefire. “Khalilzad is going to meet with our representatives at our political office today. The Taliban discussed over previous demand on ‘ceasefire’, and today the results will be shared,” said Jalaluddin Shinwari, the Taliban Attorney General. In the meantime, some sources close to Taliban indicate that the Taliban leaders have denied Khalilzad’s proposed demand in which Taliban were asked to declare ceasefire before signing the Peace Agreement. “The mechanism to reduce violence is going to be discussed in these talks. We will eventually reach to an agreement,” said Kalil Safi, the former head of Pugwash. The Afghan government is also looking out for the results of these talks. The Afghan Chief Executive Office too seems to be on the same page with Washington on the ceasefire, signing the US-Taliban Peace Agreement, and starting the Intra-Afghan talks.