(ATN News): John Bass, the outgoing U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan, received ‘Ghazi Wazir Akbar Khan’ medal by President Ashraf Ghani for his services in the country, the presidential palace said in a statement. The presidential palace hosted the U.S. Ambassador’s farewell reception ceremony on Monday evening. President Ghani praised Bass’s services during his tenure in Afghanistan and made best wishes for his future endeavors. The statement added that President Ghani appreciated John Bass’s efforts to strengthen and expand the friendly relations between Afghanistan and the United States, to secure peace in the country and the region, and to bring aids and contribution of his country to Afghanistan during his mission. Meanwhile, John Bass stressed that his country continues its efforts for peacebuilding in Afghanistan, the statement said.John Bass has worked as the U.S. ambassador to Turkey, 2014–2017, and the country’s ambassador to Georgia from 2009–2012. Later on September 28, 2017, he was appointed as the U.S. Ambassador to Kabul.