(TOLO News): The IEC said the recount process was ended by the secretariat of the IEC and the information from the provinces is being received and added to the database, and they will announce the result tomorrow. Habib Rahman Nang, head of the secretariat of the IEC said: “A team is working to collect information from the provinces for the initial result of the election.”  Mohammad Haneef Donishyar, a member of the IEC , said: “We should take care of accuracy of the initially results– by province, by districts, by polling centers — if did not find problems we will announce the results.” Meanwhile, Abdullah Abdullah’s election campaign team claims that “fraud” took place in favor of Ghani’s State Builder team because their observers –Abdullah’s–were not present in the recounting process of the 27 provinces, and Abdullah’s team says they will lodge 7,000 complaints to the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) after the initial results are announced. Bashir Ahmad Tayyanj, a member of Abdullah’s campaign team, said: “What we have seen in Baghlan and Badakhshan is that 90 percent of the “fraud” took place in favor of the State Builder team and the IEC announcement is false.” Muhammad Dawood Sultanzoy, a member of the State Builder campaign team rejected the allegations and urged the IEC to announce the presidential election winner soon. “We allow the IEC to announce the results and will allow the IECC to complete their process and we will not make prejudgments, and won’t work against the IEC or control the IEC,” Sultanzoy added. Gulbuddin Hekmatyar’s team said they will not accept the presidential results. The Presidential Election Candidates’ Council also said in a statement that they will not accept the election results, and they said the fraudulent results will lead the country to crisis.