(TOLO News): Sahil Shaheen, a Taliban spokesman for the Qatar office, said in his new tweet on Friday that intra-Afghan talks would begin when there is an agreement of a complete US troop pullout.
Ronald Kobia, the European Union ambassador to Afghanistan, responded to Shaheen`s tweet, saying that the agreement between the US and Taliban should include a ceasefire during the intra-Afghan talks. “Then the US-T deal should also include an agreement on a comprehensive ceasefire to accompany intra-Afghan negotiations. Would be the logics of this position, as it would reconfirm the 4-point package approach. “Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed,” Kobia tweeted. Durani Jawed Waziri, the deputy spokeswoman for the Presidential Palace, reacted to the Taliban tweets: “The Afghan people and government have questions about the links between Taliban and other terror groups and also about the sanctuaries outside the country. These issues need to be addressed,” Waziri said. On the other hand, some sources close to the talks told TOLOnews said that the Taliban have traveled to Pakistan to meet with their leaders and might announce a short-term ceasefire. Rahimullah Yousufzai, a Pakistani Journalist, said: “Now the Taliban will not announce a ceasefire with the Afghan government completely; they say that when the talks begin with Afghanistan`s government and Afghans, then they will discuss the ceasefire.” Samiullah Yousufzai, another Pakistani journalist, said: “Americans think that the Taliban will consult with their leaders, but the Taliban say that they do not need consultation.” Meanwhile, some members of Afghanistan`s Wolesi Jirga said that peace talks between US and Taliban, leading to intra-Afghan talks, will take time. “Until the peace and ceasefire are agreed between Afghans, the peace and ceasefire with the US doesn’t have any meaning” said Jawed, Safi, member of Wolesi Jirga. Baktash Eshchi, another member of the Wolesi Jirga, said: “A 40-year-war will not end in four days or four months–peace has a proper mechanism, the first condition is ceasefire…” After a break was called for the current peace talks in Doha, US Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad visited Kabul and met Afghan leaders and politicians. Sources say that Khalilzad has returned to Qatar, but US officials have not confirmed the news.