(ATN News): Non-governmental political figures led by Hamed Karzai believe that the government should leave the previous impractical plans and agree on a shared and common peace concept with Afghan Politicians.  “Some of the Afghan political faces are working on a peace concept to be discussed in face to face talks with Taliban,” said Haji Din Mohammad deputy of the High Peace Council. On the other hand, Ismail Khan, previous Jihadi Commander, stressed that the Taliban will not negotiate over peace with the government and their impractical demands, and the government should not commit this mistake again and put people against a longlasting war. This comes as Zalmay Khalilzad, US Special Envoy on Afghanistan peace, recently visited Kabul and Afghan Politicians and said that Afghan peace is in an important stage. These days, the Taliban officials are negotiating on how to bring a ceasefire in Afghanistan. It is reportedly said that if they do not reduce violence, Peace Talks again will be disrupted. Meanwhile, Suhail Shaheen, the spokesperson for the political office of the Taliban in Qatar, said in a tweet that their main stand for Intra-Afghan peace talks is the complete withdrawal of foreign troops.