(Afghanistan Times): At least 26 Taliban fighters, including three key commanders have been killed during fresh crackdown conducted by the Afghan forces in northern Balkh province, official said on Monday. Clashes erupted between Afghan forces and the Taliban in Taimorak area of Charbolak district, Rezqul village of Kushanda district and Gandali Jatorarea of Zarey district, in which 29 militants were killed, said Shaheen Corps Spokesman Hanif Rezai. He said three commanders of the Taliban named Mullah Ghawsudin, Mullah Saleh-u-Din and Mullah Noor Ali were among those killed in the operation. Two dead bodies of the militants still left in the battlefield, he said, adding 10 other insurgents were wounded. “The Afghan forces had received air support during operation.” According to him, two AK-47, one machine gun and a binocular were also seized during operation.He said one the security force embraced martyrdom during the clash. However, he said no civilians were harmed during operation as security forces made all out efforts to protect them.