(BNA) President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani attended the crowning ceremony held in Japan, BNA reported. Leaders from more than 180 world countries have also attended the grand ceremony. Emperor just in his rational costume appeared in the ceremony and received the sword decorated with jewelries, which is the symbol of his country’s might and officials started work as Japan’s Emperor. Representing the government of Afghanistan, President Ghani, First Lady and Bashir Mohib, Afghanistan’s Ambassador to Japan attended the ceremony. Japan has long cooperated with Afghanistan, especially in the implementation of development projects, hosting international conferences on Afghanistan. According to another report, the country’s President also in a meeting with the Japanese Kumitu political party leader, who is also founder of the Japan coalition interim government, discussed bilateral relation and historical and cultural relation of the two countries. In the meeting, the Japanese Kumitu political party leader said his party would support any of his country’s government’s policy which was in the interest of Afghanistan development. Thanking him, the country’s President said Afghanistan had good and friendly relation with any of the world and regional countries and wanted the relations expanded.