(1 TV News): “Ifeel that this is not the Taliban which was there when—in 2001 who was displaced by the U.S. Things have changed,” Khan said speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York. “You know, they say that you only cross the river once. Realities have changed. They have learned,” Khan said. He said that the Taliban realize that they cannot control the whole of Afghanistan. He said that the Taliban will be more accommodating. Earlier this month, US President Donald Trump declared peace talks with Taliban dead, citing a deadly attack in Kabul just as a peace deal was nearing. Khan said that there is no point in fighting anymore as he called for restart of peace talks. “I wish that this deal had been signed. There would have been ceasefire and then we would have proceeded towards the only way there’s going to be—the US is going to eventually take the troops out and there will be peace there,” Khan said.