(THE KABUL TIMES): Pakistan rocket attacks on eastern parts of Afghanistan in particular Kunar have raised concerns among Afghans. Officials for Afghanistan government have said that more than 700 rockets have been fired by Pakistani militaries and landed on Kunar and Nooristan provinces over the past one week. Related to Pakistan rocket attacks on eastern parts of Afghanistan, officials for the ministry of national defense say Afghanistan government has shared the issue of Pakistan rocket attacks with UN, US and other allies of Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Afghanistan government has filed a complaint against Pakistan in the United Nations Security Council and it is hoped that UNSC will seriously investigate the issue of Pakistan rocket attacks on Afghanistan. Adela Raz, ambassador and permanent representative of Afghanistan to the United Nations (UN) filed a complaint letter to the United Nations, calling on the UNSC to take measure against violation of territory of Afghanistan by military forces of the government of Pakistan. “These violations were in the form of shelling districts in eastern parts of Afghanistan, construction of military posts and barriers on Afghan territory, and violation of Afghan air-space by Pakistan military aircrafts,” the letter read. The violation of Afghan territory by Pakistani military forces has continued despite numerous communications and appeals to the Government of Pakistan, bilaterally and through other measures, to cease such illegal and provocative activities, Ms. Naz wrote in the letter. The government of Afghanistan has called on UN Security Council to take necessary measures and actions to end violation of Afghan territory by Pakistani forces. Pakistani military has fired 700 rockets into Afghanistan’s Kunar province over the past one week, according to Afghanistan officials. Nevertheless, Pakistan officials have claimed that the country had been obliged to take action due to activities of terrorist groups in Afghan side, the issue which has been rejected by Afghanistan government as there has been no evidence that could proof claim of the Pakistan side. Meanwhile, a number of Afghan political officials say Afghanistan government should take the issue of Pakistan rocket attacks on Afghan soil as serious and keep on filing complaints against Pakistan in the UNSC as Pakistan had taken similar actions and fired hundreds of rockets on Afghan soil in the past. “Pakistan has unfortunately always paved the way for its influence and interferences in internal affairs of Afghanistan by keeping all borders open to terrorist groups who have been fighting against the Afghan government for the past several years,” said Jamal Farahmand, an Afghan political expert. He added Pakistan has not paid any attention to the issue so far although Afghanistan has repeatedly asked the government of Pakistan to stop and avoid firing rockets on Afghan soil, asking the Afghan government to seriously follow the issue and share it with the international community. Afghan political experts also believe that it is good for Afghanistan government to permanently find a solution for the problem by working with the world and regional countries so that border tensions between the two countries are addressed through diplomatic channels. It is worth mentioning that Pakistan has continued firing rockets on eastern parts of Afghanistan for the past few years, killing and wounding a number of Afghans including women and children and making the people their home places.