KABUL (Pajhwok): Mahaz-i-Milli Islami party leader Syed Pir Hamid Gilani has said he prefers peace over next month’s presidential election and his entire efforts evolve around making the peace process a success. “We support peace that stops the bloodshed of Afghans forever, we want a dignified peace which is acceptable to all Afghans and in which our Islamic, national and common interests are protected,” Gilani told Pajhwok Afghan News during an exclusive interview on Tuesday. The Mahaz leader said peace was his priority and he worked day and night to end the conflict which he said only killed and maimed innocent Afghans. “Afghanistan cannot progress politically, economically and culturally until peace is achieved and the ground paved for multifaceted stability,” Gilani said, linking transparent elections to peace and stability in the country. The spiritual leader said the time had come when all Afghans, particularly those who could do something, to play their part in bringing peace and stability to the country and set aside their personal interests and give importance to national interest. The politician said his optimism about peace was growing with each passing day as the ongoing peace process were about to bear fruits. Pir Hamid Gilani said his and his party workers’ focus was on the establishment of lasting peace and stability in the country, something the Afghans always wished. The former lawmaker believed the peace talks in Qatar between the US and Taliban would broker intra-Afghan talks and enable the Afghans to make correct decisions about their future. He said all Afghans, their leaders, the international community, regional and neighboring countries wanted peace in Afghanistan and this accelerate the peace process and made it easy. Pir Gilani said he and his family were working for peace and were ready to do whatever they could for the cause and added he was upbeat the long-running ordeal of Afghans was about to end and they would live in peace.