Feb 22, 2015

By: Hekmatullah Azamy, Research Analyst

Led by the Afghan Taliban, militancy in Afghanistan has grown in strength and claimed increasing casualties to combatants and civilians during last 13 years. Both Afghanistan and the International Community accused Pakistan of patronizing the Afghan Taliban and help them sustain militancy in the face of growing foreign military footprint in the country. Granted its role in the ongoing militancy, Pakistan is seen as the key player in bringing the Taliban to negotiation with the Afghan government and restoring peace in Afghanistan. However, the Taliban introduces the militancy in Afghanistan as completely independent of Pakistan, against foreign invasion and for re-establishing the Islamic rule in the country.  In such context, it could be debated whether the Afghan Taliban would listen if Pakistan tries to urge them to negotiate with the Afghan government given that there are residual forces of U.S and NATO in Afghanistan beyond 2015.

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