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Unknown Gunmen Assassinate Four Members of Family in Khost

(BNA): Unidentified gunmen killed four members of a family, including a child, in Khost last night. According to BNA, Khost security officials told media that unidentified gunmen shot dead four members of a family, including a child, in Matun Darsh village in the provincial capital. The motive for the incident is still unknown, but police

Mine Explosion Martyred Commander of Firuzkoh Police Dept.

(BNA): The commander of the second district of Firuzkoh police Dept. died as a result of a mine explosion yesterday. According to BNA reporter; a car carrying the commander of 2nd Firuzkoh Police Department collided with a Taliban landmine during a patrol in southern village of Kandival in Firuzkuh. He was killed and three other

Air Raids Kill 12 Terrorists in Eastern Logar Province

(BNA): A total of 12 terrorists have been confirmed dead as fighting planes struck a Taliban hideout in Azra district of the eastern Logar province on Monday, said an army statement released Tuesday. Acting on a tip-off, the planes targeted the hideout in the Kozachatrakai area of the restive Azra district late Monday night, killing

Afghan govt ready to fight Taliban after US pullout, declares Ghani

(The International Times): President Ashraf Ghani has said that the Afghan government is ready to fight against the Taliban after the full withdrawal of international troops from the country, reiterating that the key to peace talks is accepting the election as a way forward for Afghanistan’s future government. “The threat of terrorism has changed. It

Afghanistan Withdrawal Pace Increases With Five Bases Handed Over

(Air Force Magazine): The military’s withdrawal from Afghanistan is speeding up, with five facilities now handed over to the Afghan government and about 115 C-17 loads of material flown out of the country, though a new report states Taliban violence remains high. U.S. Central Command reported May 18 that more than 5,000 pieces of material also

Afghanistan’s Geography, 20 Years After the U.S. Invasion

(WORLD VIEW): Geography and history have left Afghanistan a fractured landscape, the contours of which are re-emerging as the United States withdraws from its 20-year engagement. Landlocked in Central Asia, Afghanistan has a history of being a geographically fragmented nation with an equally fragmented society, with concentrations of ethnic, sectarian and clan affiliations that have

Senior Taliban Commander with 13 Colleagues Killed in Helmand

(BNA): A senior Taliban commander, along with 13 colleagues was killed in a counter-terrorism operation in Helmand. Mullah Wahidullah, known as Omid, was targeted in Zheri district yesterday. A source in the National Security Zone told BNA that Mullah Wahidullah, known as Omid, was killed along with 13 of his colleagues in the operation. He

Khalilzad Says Fears of Taliban Conquering Kabul Are Overblown

(TOLO News): I personally believe that the statements that their forces will disintegrate and the Talibs will take over in short order are mistaken,” Khalilzad told the House Foreign Affairs Committee as quoted in a report by AP. Violence has remained high in the country even after a three-day ceasefire from May 12 to May

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