Daily Archives: May 1, 2021

Taliban Shot Dead Seven Worshipers in Baghlan

(BNA): Taliban shot dead seven worshipers in Baghlan. The victims were reportedly praying at a mosque near their village when they were targeted by gunmen. Abdul Nasser Rasakh, Baghlan district governor, contacted BNA, confirming the incident. The Khenjan district governor says an armed Taliban fighter was killed and a police officer was wounded in the

Explosion Took The Lives of Thirty People in Logar

(BNA): Thirty people were martyred and about 60 others were injured in an explosion in central Logar yesterday evening. A car packed explosive exploded in front of Logar provincial hospital in the first security district of Pu-e-Alam, the capital of the province about 6:50 yesterday evening. According to initial reports, 30 people were martyred and

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